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Fossil Canyon

Fossil Canyon

£60.00 Our Ref No : 6040
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Product Information

The Men's Teva Fossil Canyon is a great men's sport sandal from dawn to dusk, both rugged enough for the river and stylish enough for the streets.


> All-Weather Leather
An extra step during the tanning process to make the sandals easy to care for and stain resistant while protecting the look and feel of the leather. The waterproofing is accomplished by closing the areas between the grain in the leather, yet maintain breathability, much like waterproof breathable fabrics.

> Shoc Pad
A blended polyurethane/EVA unit in the heel cup that evenly transfers the energy of impact throughout the footbed and away from the heel. This energy return actually provides greater spring with each forefoot push-off.

> Fabrics or garments that have inherent properties or are treated with chemicals to inhibit the growth of bacteria in the item. When the item is used in a perspiration situation and then dried bacteria do not grow. This is also a benefit for preventing odor.

> Spider365 is a versatile rubber compound. Providing excellent traction and durability in a multitude of environments, Spider365 is the perfect rubber compound when you're not sure what the elements will throw at you.