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Nikwax Basewash

Nikwax Basewash

£3.99 Product Code: 141 Our Ref No : 11673
Product Information

It enhances the fabrics wicking properties, stopping them from stinking and helping them dry more quickly.

Benefits of using this product:
> BaseWash refreshes and removes odours
> Enhances and revitalises wicking properties
> Helps fabric to spread sweat and dry quickly, keeping you more comfortable in all conditions
> Increases breathability
> Performs better than household detergent at improving wicking and removing odour
> Easy to use; can be used in a washing machine
> WaterBased; environmentally friendly, biodegradable, non flammable, non hazardous. > > Does not contain fluorocarbons

Ideal for:
> Synthetic base layers & socks
> Running Kit
> Travel Clothing

How to apply:

Machine Wash:
> Place item(s) in washing machine.
> Use 1 full cap* (50ml)
> Wash according to care label.

Hand Wash (use gloves):
> Immerse item(s) in hand-hot water in sink or bowl.
> Use half a cap* (25ml)
> Rinse 3 times in clean water.

> Air dry or tumble dry on a low setting if care label allows.

When to use this product:
Clean items with Nikwax BaseWash after garment has been worn next to the skin to soften, refresh and remove odours. Always apply this product to used synthetic base layers to keep items in perfect condition